Year 12 - BTEC Business and Art

The BTEC Business and Art students have been working on redesigning the IB lounge for the DP and CP students. The Art students completed a mural to improve the design and the feel of the lounge. The Business students researched the benefits of a student lounge, proposed a design with furniture and a room layout, and presented their ideas to school administrators. We hope to have a relaxing and beautiful space in the next year.

Year 7 - Wonderful World

The Year 7 have been exploring how nature can make wonderful landforms. The students were taught how weathering and erosion are the processes behind the formation and they were then asked to investigate a landform that they considered wonderful. The students created a model and research portfolio. The project culminated in a sharing of places across the English and French Individuals and Societies groups. Well done to all involved.

Year 11 - Function and Specialisation

The students in Year 11 have been investigating the development of cities and the impact that growth has had on the area. The group was divided into small teams to develop a case study of a city of their choice. They were asked to investigate why the city has grown and the impact that has had on the city. The students then developed a Google Slide presentation to share their findings with the group.