Year 9 - Southampton to Cape Town

As part of the Global Tourism unit of study the students have really focused on developing a number of key transferrable skills. For this project the students were asked to design a route to fly from Southampton, UK to Cape Town, South Africa in a plane designed in 1937 for Imperial Airlines. The plane was actually a flying boat and therefore could only land on water. To design the route the students needed to consider who was an ally of Great Britain in 1937, what were the day light hours as the plane could not fly at night, where the passengers were going to stay and where they could stop to refuel every 1200km. The route was presented using Google Earth and the route card with all the details on a shared Google doc. 

Mubarak Idris and Arthur E Fripp

Kate Schlein, Louis Marchant and Advika Srivastava

Shunnosuke Natsume and Julia Brownell