Year 7 - How do we know?

Through the investigation of artefacts from ancient Bronze Age civilisations, students in year 7 are focusing on the question (also the title of the unit of inquiry) "how do we know?"

Responding to factual, conceptual and debatable questions through their research into these artefacts, students are constructing knowledge and understanding of these past civilizations - their belief systems, the structure of  Bronze Age societies, the world of entertainment, natural and man-made resources, the skills of the craftsmen, the nature of war and other elements of life in the world's first cities. 

The culmination of their investigation will be the production of a museum catalogue entry. Students are  grappling with questions about why some clues (artefacts) from history have been preserved (either accidentally or deliberately) why some have been destroyed (accidentally or deliberately) and what this also tells them about how we know about times past.  

Other questions that are requiring the students to use their critical thinking skills are why we value these objects and keep them in museums, why it is important to study history, and how we can be certain about history. They are learning that there are many gaps in our knowledge about times past. They are learning that there are also different perspectives depending on points of view, and so we need to ask further questions such as "Whose history?