Year 8 and Geographic Information System

Ms. Mart’s Year 8 Individuals and Societies class has been getting some experience of GIS. GIS stands for Geographic Information System and is a mapping system that allows geographical data to presented and analysed.

The school has a subscription to ArcGIS Online - an online GIS package from Esri. This means that all students can participant using their devices.

The students were introduced to the ArcGIS Online’s tools by looking at the local area and discussing why a map designer may make certain choices in terms of base map and symbol colour. Students explored how they can easily search for and measure things.


The next lesson went on to use ArcGIS Online to explore global weather and climate patterns using live information from NOAA’s global network of weather stations. They also linked the population density at various global locations with the climate in that area - critically thinking about the link between climate and human comfort.