Year 10 - Learning about the uneven distribution of resources with cake!

How do you split 28% of the world's resources between 60% of the world's population? One way of experiencing this dilemma in the classroom is to the play the 'cake game'. The class is divided into continents with the students distributed between them - for example out of a class of 19 Year 10 students, 2 students are 'Europe', 1 student is 'North America' and 11 students are 'Asia' etc. A cake is then used to represent the world's resources - and then divided between the continents. Europe gets 36% of the cake, North America gets 22% and Asia gets 28% and so on.

The Year 10 students who currently have Mr Allaway for the rotation experienced the 'cake game' last week. They will take what they learnt and experienced forward as they journey through the 'Under Pressure - Resources' unit.