Year 12 - Geography - Freshwater

Students in Year 12 DP Geography have been studying issues and conflicts that arise from the use of Freshwater. As a culmination of the work the students completed a 40 minute, timed mock exam question. The exam includes 10 marks worth of short-structured questions and a 10 mark extended response piece of writing. Examples of questions that were asked include:

  • Briefly describe four possible impacts of the flood on different types of traffic movement in the area shown on the satellite image (4 marks).
  • Explain how stream discharge is related to channel size and shape (6 marks).
  • Examine the factors that affect the response of a stream hydrograph to a rainfall event (10 marks).
  • Using examples, examine the hydrological impacts that can result from the construction of a dam and reservoir across a river channel (10 marks).

Romy Santer

Elizabeth Simpson

Celeste Williams