Year 9 - Innovation of Technology

Class 9o  have just completed two interrelated units of inquiry on "RENAISSANCE, REFORM AND REINVENTION" and "THE AGE OF GLOBAL ENCOUNTERS".

The students learned about a period of human history lasting over 300 years (c. 1450-1750), a changing world which emerged with advances in anatomy and other scientific disciplines, the breaking of 'rules' and customs to further knowledge of ourselves, our planet Earth and our solar system; the development of mathematics and astronomy, the rediscovery of the knowledge and learning of ancient Greece and Rome and the roots of modern banking and capitalism. The period also saw the 'discovery of a New World' which opened up a highway of trade and exchange across the Atlantic Ocean which was to cause far-reaching demographic and economic change through resource acquisition and trade in goods and human beings (human trafficking - known as the Slave Trade). The impacts of these changes reverberated through the African continent and the Middle East as human beings across time and place became more interconnected than ever before - a forerunner to the modern notion of globalisation.

At the end of these two units of inquiry the students were required to research into a technical advancement that was part of, and had an impact on, this changing world. 

The resulting assessment was to come up with a design for a magazine cover for our RGE magazine. A magazine cover which has an authentic ring to it and provides an accurate snap-shot of the research behind it.