Year 12 Higher Level Geography - Tourism in Extreme Environments

Year 12 Higher Level geographers have been investigating how human activity can impact extreme environments. They have specifically looked at the how tourism can be utilised in hot and cold areas. To do this they focused on the town of Chamonix and the city of Dubai. To make the process more exciting the group were asked to create a presentation that would convince their teacher to buy a holiday home in one of the areas. The presentations that were created were interesting and they provoked a lively discussion. Well done Dubai.

Year 13 - Climate Change Mitigation Strategies

Part of the DP Geography course asks the students to investigate the causes, consequences and ways to mitigate climate change. Climate change is a fundamental theme that links different parts of the course together and helps the students to think synoptically. To look at different mitigation strategies the students were divided into small teams and asked to create presentations that they would then discuss with the group. The presentations were based around the Geography concepts of Power, Place, Processes and Possibilities.

Year 12 - The Nexus

The DP geographers have been exploring the idea of ‘the nexus’. The approach outlines that when we discuss the issues of water, food and energy they can not be looked at individually. Any solution to solve a problem is complex and it often involves numerous factors. To help the students gain an understanding of the complexity of nexus thinking the students were given a series of hexagons which had a number of statements on them. The group were divided into teams to sort the hexagons into categories that made sense to them and were then asked to tesselate them. Any hexagon that touched another had to relate to it. Below are photos of the students at work.

Year 11 - Investigating Disparities

Year 11 students have been investigating the idea of disparities and what the causes of them can possibly be. The group researched the city of New York to locate two areas that demonstrate the economic disparities well. They then explored a range of data and images to help them to come to a conclusion of why New York showed disparities. After the initial research the students wrote an extended piece of writing to discuss their findings.