Global Tourism

Year 9 - Southampton to Cape Town

The final rotation group in Year 9 have been designing a route from Southampton to Cape Town. While the task sounds simple there are a few parameters to design within and to make the task challenging. The Year is 1937 and the students could only land in allied nations. They were using a flying boat and therefore they had land their planes on water. The students were also given a maximum distance before they had to refuel and they could only fly in daylight hours. The students recorded their route using the online mapping tool ArcGIS and then recorded their reasoning why they chose to stop in certain places as a story map journal. Examples can be found below:




Year 9 - Geogalot Abroad Research

The students in Year 9 have been working on their questioning techniques and to do this they were asked to devise a set of questions of which the answers would be used to devise a specific type of holiday. Students then were asked to research a destination that fit the answers and to then put a package together that would encourage their teacher to visit that country. Each group were required to justify why they had chosen specific activities for the holiday by looking at recommendations on different social media sites. Part of this activity was to make students aware of how much we are influenced by what we see and read. To record their findings each group used mindmesiter, which is an online mindmapping programme examples of which can be found below.

Year 9 - Impact of Tourism

The students in Year 9 have just started their third rotation and 9o are now studying Global Tourism. To kick this unit off the students have been investigating the positive and negative impacts that tourism can bring to different areas. They were then asked to write an opinion piece of approximately 600 words outlining whether a Disney style resort should be built in their neighbourhood or not. The students were given a double lesson to complete the writing phase of the task. Examples of the students work can be found below.

Utsav Bahl

Peter Ditiu

Yohannes Gobezie

Year 9 - Tourism Good or Bad?

This week the Year 9 students in class 'o' have been exploring the impacts that tourism can bring to areas. They initially watched two clips on the positives and negatives of tourism and wrote notes on an online sharing platform called padlet. The group were then divided into four teams to write on flipchart paper the specific social, economic, environmental, economic and political impacts from their notes. Each team rotated around the flipchart paper to extend their peers ideas. The group will now be writing an extended piece on whether a tourist attraction should be built close to where they live. Notes and photographs of the student working can be found below.

students' Ideas

Students at Work

Year 9 - Southampton to Cape Town

9i have been creating the most effective and efficient route to get from Southampton, UK to Cape Town, South Africa in the year 1937. This task was particularly complicated as students were given maximum distances to travel, numbers of hours to refuel, the need to land on water, as they are flying in a flying boat, and justifying why they had chosen to land in certain countries. Not only did the students need to develop a route they had to record their ideas on arcGIS and within the story map app. Examples of student work can be found below.



Jasper H

Year 9 - Tourism in my Backyard

9i have been investigating the benefits and problems of tourism, looking at the impacts from four key angles - social, economic, environmental and political. They then had to decide whether they would like a Disney style attraction to be built in their neighbourhood. To report their decisions the students wrote an extended piece outlining their thoughts. The results can be found below:




Alex S

Year 9 - Geogalot Abroad

9i have been looking at the importance of effective questions. To do this they had to formulate a range of questions to find out what type of holiday their teacher would go from. From those questions alone the students then created an itinerary for a holiday that was based in an LEDC. The students created a lucidpress leaflet alone with what their teacher would be doing but more importantly justifying their choices from the answers to the initial questions they asked. The importance of social media was also discussed due to where the students were getting their information. The itineraries can be found below: