National Security

Year 11 - Nuclear Energy Infographics

In the International Relations class the students have explored the impact that the use of nuclear energy can have on the social, economic and/or environmental landscapes of the world. To do this the group was divided into two and each side were informed to research either the benefits of nuclear energy or GreenPeace's more negative stance. The students were then taught what an infographic is and how they can be produced using piktochart.  The results can be found below:

Eleonora Leenders

Veronica Cavalcanti Aviles

Ishita Rathi

Year 11 - Nuclear Energy

As part of the National Security unit students have explored the impact of using nuclear energy as the next key energy source. The group were divided into two and asked to research the positives of nuclear energy use from a countries perspective and the negative use through a civil society groups eyes. To help students with the process of investigation each student devised a question to answer using the MYP Command Terms and a plan of how to complete their research. Students recorded their findings using an investigation grid. Examples of the investigation grid can be found below.

Michelle Ganzorig

Shreya Sachdev

Prathmesh Rai

Year 11 - Nuclear Weapons Report

In International Relations the group have been investigating the impact that researching, developing and updating nuclear weapons has had and continues to have on different countries. They have explored the financial impact, how the political relationships between countries can change due to ownership of the weapons and how the testing has had had a detrimental impact on the environment. The students created a case study for a country of their choice, their results are below.

Michelle Ganzorig


Ishita Rathi

Sakshi Goel

Veronica Cavalcanti Aviles

Year 11 - Thoughts on nuclear weapons

The Year 11 International Relations class have been investigating the differing views on the ownership of nuclear weapons. The group was divided into six teams to explore why the USA, Russia and NATO are pro weapons but the UN, GreenPeace and the women of Greenham Common are against it. The students collated their research using mindmeister and then produced google slide presentations. Below are examples of the mindmeisters and the presentations (slides and photographs).







Year 11 - Nuclear Energy and GreenPeace

For part of the International Relations course students explore the importance of having access to nuclear weapons and energy. An aspect of this, investigates how a civil society group such as GreenPeace actively promotes the eradication of nuclear use. Students studied the reasons why countries would want to use nuclear energy, the problems that are created when it all goes wrong and if there are any viable alternatives. This culminated in a booklet written from GreenPeace's perspective to encourage to change our energy habits.

Lilac Khatib

Stephanie Ng

Anoushka Nair

Year 11 - National Security and Nuclear Weapons

The students have begun to investigate the importance of nuclear weapons in securing national boundaries. The class have explored what nuclear weapons are, the damage dropping them causes and the alliances of international programmes. Part of the unit required students to explore a country that has nuclear weapons and to discuss the impact of owning them. Examples of the case studies developed can be seen below.

Lilac Khatib

Tasnia Mowla

Stephanie Ng