Year 7

Year 7 - Bronze Age Cities Living Museum

The Year 7s put on an excellent ‘Living Museum’ all about the importance of specialisation in different Bronze Age Cities. The students really got in to character and were able to live out their chosen positions. Parents and Year 6s came to visit the museum to learn about the how the different cities existed. Thank you to everyone who attended the exhibition and to the students for all of their hard work.

Year 7 - Wonderful World

The Year 7 have been exploring how nature can make wonderful landforms. The students were taught how weathering and erosion are the processes behind the formation and they were then asked to investigate a landform that they considered wonderful. The students created a model and research portfolio. The project culminated in a sharing of places across the English and French Individuals and Societies groups. Well done to all involved.

Year 7 - Trip to Geneva

During the penultimate week of term the students in Year 7 visited Geneva to find out how the city first developed. They also researched various historical buildings and learnt key skills. One of those skills was the 'My Stop Motion'. The students were asked to stop every few steps and take a picture of what they could see. When they came back to school they put all of their pictures together to create a snap shot of life in Geneva.

Year 7 - Greek Inventions

The Year 7s have just started to explore Ancient Greece and to get the group to understand the importance of this era they have looked at different Greek inventions that we still use today. To do this they watched two youtube clips and then were asked to choose four inventions that interested them. They then recorded when those four inventions were created and wrote a short paragraph to describe how the invention was used and how it is still used today. 




Year 7 - Bronze Age Cities Comparison Essay

The students in Year 7 were asked to write their first extended piece of writing in Individuals and Societies based on the knowledge they had gained from the Living Museum. The students were asked to write an essay which compared and contrasted the innovations and structure of two Bronze Age Cities. The process took several weeks to allow the students to gain an understanding of the expected structure of the piece and to plan their ideas coherently. They then spent a weeks worth of lessons writing the essay. The students did a great job and you can read some of their essays below.





Year 7 - Merveilles du monde

Au cours de l'unité "Merveilles du monde", les élèves de la classe 7 en Individus et Sociétés ont réalisé de superbes travaux sur les lieux extraordinaires de notre planète. Le projet "Quel monde extraordinaire !" a été basé sur un travail effectué en classe sur les outils de la géographie (coordonnées géographiques, étude de paysages...). Pour réaliser ce projet, chaque élève a choisi le lieu extraordinaire de son choix puis il a effectué des recherches et recueilli des informations en suivant des consignes précises. Tous ont réalisé une présentation de leur lieu merveilleux et un élément créatif : dessin, maquette, vidéo... Chaque élève s'est investi dans la réalisation de ce grand projet. Vous trouverez ci-dessous de nombreuses présentations et créations réalisées avec soin par certains élèves de classe 7 (I&S in French ) : 

Year 7 - Who killed the Ice Man?

The students in Year 7 have been exploring how we know about the past. They have looked at the importance of artifacts and how they can be interpreted to learn about the past. To put these ideas into context the students investigated what killed Otzi the Ice Man. The students then wrote up their findings in the form of a police report. 




Year 7 - Obituary

The Year 7s have just started a historically focused unit of study and the class have been discussing the idea of time and change. To further this the students were asked to focus on an influential person in history from the country that they were born or currently hold a passport for. The students then wrote an obituary for that person focusing on where and when the person was born, what their education was and why they were considered to be influential.