Year 8

Year 8 - Winds that Impact Geneva

The students in Year 8 have been looking at the different aspects that make up our daily weather conditions. They have already investigated temperature, clouds and precipitation and now the focus has been on wind. The students explored how wind occurs, what makes them powerful and how where they come from can have a dramatic impact on us. The class produced individual posters on a specific wind that occurs over the city of Geneva. On the information poster they were asked to explain how the wind occurs, what weather that wind brings to the area and therefore how it impacts us. Examples of student work can be found below:

Year 8 - Factor Which Impact Temperature

The Year 8s have been investigating why it is warmer in certain areas around the world than others. To do this the class was divided into small teams and were asked to investigate a specific causes. They then feedback their new knowledge back to their peers via a Google Slide presentation. Examples of the slides and photographs of the students presenting can be found below:

Year 8 - Climate Change Essays

The students in Year 8 have been investigating the importance of climate change. They have learnt about the causes, the impacts and what we can do try and slow the process down. The students interrogated a range of sources and they collated their findings on a mind map by using MindMeister. This section of the course culminated in the group writing an essay in class on how they thought climate change may impact their lives by the time they are 65. I was hugely impressed with the detail the students were able to include in their essays.

Year 8 - Factors Impacting Temperature

Dans l'unité sur la météo et le climat, les élèves ont étudié les températures. Par groupe, ils ont réalisé des présentations afin d'expliquer à leurs camarades la variation des températures dans le monde. Chaque groupe a travaillé sur une cause spécifique, telle que la distance à la mer, la latitude, l'altitude ou encore la circulation des courants marins et atmosphériques...

Year 8 - Hurricane Newspaper Reports

The students in Year 8 have been investigating how climatic hazards occur. The focus has been on hurricanes as it is currently ‘hurricane season’. The students have explored the devastating impact that hurricanes can bring to an area and whether we can ever truly be prepared for such an event. To show their understanding the students created a newspaper report on a hurricane of their choice. Examples of their work can be found below.

Year 8 - Winds in Geneva

The Year 8s have been investigating weather and how the different conditions occur. For part of this they were asked to investigate a type of wind that impacted us in Geneva. The students then created a poster to explain how the wind was formed, what weather conditions were brought to the area by that wind and how it may impact us. Examples of their posters can be found below.