Why is Individuals and Societies Important to Study?

Students were asked to develop a 'tweet' to say why they thought Individuals and Societies was an important subject to study. Below are a selection of their tweets:


Encourages students to respect and understand the world around them#learning


It is a fundamental subject to learn more about ourselves and what is going on outside of our country#thediscoveryoftheworld


I think that I&S is an important subject to learn, so we know more about our society and the relationships between different cultures#lovinit!


I believe that lots of historians need to start from their childhood in order to become the historians they are today#childhooddream


Without the knowledge of the past we will not build up our future#individualsandsocieties


To understand global interdependence and so become a better global resident#individualsandsocities


#I&S #thebestteachers #thebestlessons


Travel around the world while staying in one place #waterbottle


Being aware of our surroundings. Also to see all sides of culture and conflict#interesting


To investigate the world around us#pastpresentfuture


To understand the future we need to learn about the past#I&S


To be able to read data and analysize it.


To learn about the behaviour of populations to develop cultural awareness#I&S