Year 7 Geneva


For the penultimate week of school the timetable is collapsed for students in Year 7 to explore the local area around them. The year group spend a day in Geneva visiting the Museum of History and Art, Maison Tavel and St. Pierre's Cathedral and tower. The aim is to discover how Geneva developed as a settlement along with how important bronze was in the process. Along with this the students are asked to draw a small sketch of one of the urban landscapes they pass and learn how to take photographs that be then used for an Art project.

Public transport is used to read the Old Town are of Geneva from school and then we explore the urban terrain on foot.

Next Trip

Tuesday 18th June 2019

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2018 Photographs


Year 9 Geneva

Year 9 visit three museums in Geneva to explore how the city has changed over time. The trip focuses on the Medieval and Renaissance eras as these are studied during Years 8 and 9. The museums that are visited include:

  • Maison Tavel

  • The Museum of History and Art

  • Archeological site underneath St. Pierre's Cathedral.

By looking at artefacts, interpreting models and listening to guides the students gain an insight into how radically the city has changed. They begin to understand how vital the city was during the Reformation and how water continues to play a leading role in city life.

Public transport is used to reach the Old Town area of Geneva where all these museums are located.

2017 Photographs

Below are a series of images that were taken on the 2017 trip. Despite the heavy snowfall the students had a great day.