Visiting Speaker - Professor Dubochet

13th November 2018

The DP Geography and Physics teams have created an opportunity for those students in Year 12 and 13 who study Geography and Physics to attend a presentation by Professor Jacques Dubochet at La Chataigneraie. Professor Jacques Dubochet is the winner of the Nobile Prize for Chemistry in 2017 and is currently the Emeritus Professor of Biophysics at the University of Lausanne. His talk will be focusing on ‘Science-Based Solutions to Global Warming’ and importantly will discuss what can be done at the local scale. This talk will address elements of both the Physics and Geography DP courses and will give the students the opportunity to discuss practical solutions to climate change. Project Drawdown, who is organising this lecture, is hailed as “the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming”, it unites over 65 scientists who map, model and measure the 100 most substantive solutions to reverse climate change.

When - Tuesday 13th November 2018 17.00 to 19.15

Where - La Chataigneraie - 2, chemin de la Ferme, 1297 Founex

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International Day of Mine Awareness

4th April 2017

his year the students in the International Relations class were invited to participate in the International Day of Mind Awareness Conference. This event was held by The Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining at the Maison de la Paix and the focus was to reinforce the colossal impact that war can have on peoples' lives even after the conflict has ended.

The conference was particularly interesting as there was an interview with a landmine victim. The victim was originally from Afghanistan and he stood on a hidden landmine because he was taking a short cut to school at the age of 13. This event completely changed his life but he is now campaigning to eradicate the manufacture, transfer and use of landmines throughout the world. While it brought to life the horrific nature of war it also reinforced the important role that technology plays in helping to find the landmines and to rebuild victims of landmines lives.


To find out more about the event please click on the link provided and view the flyer below.

International  Women's Day

8th March 2016

This year the students in the Year 12 DP Geography class were invited to participate in the International Women's Day conference that was being held at the International Labour Office. The 'curtain raiser' film was prepared by Clara Edmonds who promoted the awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals. The theme for the event was 'Getting to Equal by 2030: The Future is Now'. The goal discussed was to achieve gender equality now and to not wait another 20 years for this to happen. 

The theme was particularly important for the geographers as it is covered in several sections of the course and it was great to get first hand knowledge of how equality is being promoted in different sectors across the world.