IB DP Geography Internal Assessment

The Geography Department arrange a day of IB DP Geography fieldwork. Field trips are instrumental at bringing Geography to ‘life’ and this trip forms the basis of the Internal Assessment. As part of the IB Geography course students are required to write a 2,500 word Internal Assessment which is based upon data collected in the field. For this to occur we arrange a field trip to collect all the necessary data on a river above Nyon, Switzerland. Attendance on this field trip is essential as without collecting the data the production of the Internal Assessment is very difficult.

Students travel to the source of the L'Asses River, which is situated in the Jura, by school mini bus. Throughout the day students will stop at 10 different sites along the river to assess whether the key fluvial characteristics change along the river's course. Students will be taught how to collect and record data for the velocity, width, depth, sediment size and shape and wetter perimeter for the river. The data is collected in small teams devised from both Geography groups. For students to have a good understanding of the data collection process it is important that they rotate around the jobs. Students do need to be prepared to get in the river! This data will then be collated in school and will form the basis for the Internal Assessment. Students have a picnic lunch and if time we finish with the obligatory ice cream. 


Tuesday 10th September 2019

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