Year 13

Year 12 - BTEC Business

This week the yr 13 BTEC business students have been working on their organisation and marketing skills to sell Nations Fox key chains, with all proceeds going to the Zambia project.   They have entertained the PYP with their energetic Mr Fox dance moves and enthusiasm.  This follows a 10 week long process where the students had create  a business case including budgets and projections, marketing plans, advertising campaigns, as well as manufacturing the key chains themselves.  This has required imagination, teamwork, leadership and energy.  The key chains will be on sale for just 2 more days  - Monday and Tuesday next week and a new production batch will be needed because of their success!  The keychains are 5CHF each and so far about 700CHF has been raised for the Zambia project!  

Year 12 and 13 - BTEC Trip to the UN

Recently the BTEC business students in years 12 and 13 visited the UN for a GEL (Global Entrepreneurial Leadership) summit in conjunction with the UK charity, Wild Hearts.  The summit looked at the challenges business faces in considering the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals. They also considered what entrepreneurship is and how tomorrow's entrepreneurs have to also be aware of and driven by these goals.

The students were fortunate enough to listen to speakers such as Princess Zahra Aga Khan from the Aga Khan Development Network, Antonio Hautle, Executive Director of the Global Compact Network Switzerland and Cheryl Kiser, Executive Director of the US Babson Social Innovation Lab, Ian Walker, Senior Director of Global Community Impact at Johnson and Johnson as well as Stephan Hirschi the Director of Sustainability & Climate Change, Pwc and Wadia Ait Hamza, Global Shapers, World Economic Forum.

The day was an informative and enriching and underpinned much of the work done in the business course.

Year 13 - Climate Change Mitigation Strategies

Part of the DP Geography course asks the students to investigate the causes, consequences and ways to mitigate climate change. Climate change is a fundamental theme that links different parts of the course together and helps the students to think synoptically. To look at different mitigation strategies the students were divided into small teams and asked to create presentations that they would then discuss with the group. The presentations were based around the Geography concepts of Power, Place, Processes and Possibilities.

Year 13 DP Geography Revision

We are continuing to revise during the DP Geography lessons to prepare students for their upcoming exams. While revision is often seen as dull and an individual affair we are trying to buck that trend. This week the group developed a collaborative case study/example table with data to share the different knowledge they had. The group was also divided into two to play dictionary and word association games to assess their knowledge of the subject specific terminology. It was a tightly fought competition over 5 minutes for each match but the girls just won. We are looking forward to the cakes the boys are bringing in!

Year 13 - DP Geography Revision

Each week the students are being introduced to a different method of how to revise the Geography course. This week we have focused on making sense of the units studied by linking the syllabus together. To do this students were asked to write down four key terms from section one of the 'Core' unit - 'Populations in Transition'. They were then asked to link the words using lines and then justify their points. They were then given another set of four terms from the second unit of the course, 'Disparities in Wealth', and asked to initially link the second set of words and then make any links with the first set. This process was completed for all sections of Paper One, Freshwater (and Options unit) and the Global Interactions Higher Level Extension Paper. Photographs of the students working along with what they produced are below: